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About us

We offer Professional armed and unarmed guards, which are trained to exhibit tremendous customer service to law abiding citizens, while helping law enforcement to ensure public safety.

American Action Security Group represents an innovative, well managed company. We are always striving to get better and sharpen our expertise when it comes to the field of security. Our executives are constantly focusing their attention on making our security services unmatched and straightening our key initiatives which is to provide trained professionals for every facet of security.

American Action Security was established in Southern California and focuses exclusively on the staffing and security needs of the meeting and convention industry. We have the best hourly rate in California for long and short term Contracts.

Our commitment to protect people and property with integrity, professionalism and quality services is more than a motto: it’s our pledge to you. Our work has been recognized and lauded at every local, regional and national level, but what’s most important to us is the assurance that we’re serving our clients well. We’re familiar with the unique security problems that can arise at specialized facilities and it’s important to have security services, products, and most of all, people, you can depend upon.

We Provide the Fallowing:

  • Former of  Military Special Operation
  • Off Duty Police Officers
  •  Armed Security Officers
  • Unarmed Security Officers
  • Lost Prevention Officers
  • Body Guards
  • Private Investigators